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Ghanaian Rapper Kwame Ametepe Tsikata popularly called ‘M.anifest’ has disclosed that his fourteen track–album was inspired by renowned writer Prof. Ama Ata Aidoo’s short story ‘Nowhere Cool’.

According to the ‘god MC’ crooner, the title of his album which appropriately describes different stories of life has taken over Ghanaian airwaves.

‘You haven’t heard the noise going round that ‘Nowhere cool’ is taking over the airwaves, the album ‘Nowhere cool’ released last week Thursday is the realisation and philosophy, the actual title was inspired by Ama Ata Aidoo’s book the short story of the same title, for me somebody who has lived different lives at different places, I felt ‘Nowhere cool’ will be an appropriate way to tell different stories of life, because sometimes that is how it feels,’ he explained.

Speaking on Ultimate FM’s E-Review hosted by Naa Klordey Odonkor, M.anifest explained that he is poised to churning out songs that will push Ghana beyond boundaries.

‘I think basically I was committed to making sure that whatever I was committed to will be next level of taken sometime away from music, and prepare an album that will push the boundaries of Ghana, that will clearly be above and beyond anything that I have done before, that what ‘Nowhere Cool’ presented to me,’ he envisaged.

He remarked that ‘Nowhere cool’ vide which was released on Friday is one of his best albums released so far as his career is concerned.

‘For me, I think that has taken music to a certain degree or I can confidently say this is the best of any album that I have put up, the response has been great so far since the album was released, I think lots of people are marinating on it, I can’t decide which song is their favourite, that is the beautiful about putting up an album, so people haven’t heard a lot of songs from it decide, everything they know is that they get excited in life, and the next minute they get a song which is their favourite so people are taking it, there is a lot of freebies, am just observing it all, we also put up a brand new video from the album on Friday, just when we didn’t allow people to land kraa, we just did a new video from the album,… that is already making waves, that is possibly my best video I have ever done. Right now we are just doing next level thing, because time no dey so we have to do next level to everything,’ he said.

Touching on one of his songs featured by Nigerian act, Brymo, M.anifest explained that Sugar talks about transactional relationship where situations change in different places.

‘It’s a real thing, it’s the reality of life sometimes especially life in this part,…affection for favour is very seductive, sometimes, somebody wants money another time somebody wants the other thing,’ he explained.

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