All The Things That Happened During Eid Celebrations When We Were Kids

Eid-al- Kabir is a Muslim holiday. Animals are usually slaughtered to commemorate the favour God bestowed upon Ibrahim (Abraham) Abraham by offering him a Ram to slaughter instead of his son Ishaq (Isaac).

Eid-al-Kabir celebrations are usually a big deal. Animals are slaughtered and there is a lot of festivities and fanfare. Here are 12 things that happen during the celebrations that you can probably relate to.

1. The excitement when you realise that it’s Eid and there’s going to be public holiday and no school

Image: NigerianBulletin

Image: NigerianBulletin4


2. Your face when you think about all the meat that you’re going to eat



3. You when they finally bring the ram home


4. How you feed the ram dutifully, three times daily



5. Your face when your see your neighbourhood enemy has no ram

Obasanjo face meme

Image: Image: VhickThorKing/Twitter


6. When the neighbourhood enemy tries to form friendship with you so you can give him some meat

Na So Meme

Image: NairaLand


7. Your reaction when people keep asking you for meat

ohhh meme


8. You when they call you to come and help with the preparation

Running Chicken Meme


9. Your face when the food is not yet ready

small girl thinking meme african girl


10. How you attack the food when it’s finally ready

African Man Overeating

Image: WYDLBLACK/Twitter


11. After you overeat

I made a terrible mistake meme

Image: Zikoko


12. How you act with your Sallah money

Money Gif

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