This Photographer Captured African Children Imagining Their Futures And It’s Brilliant

Remember how growing up you had dreams and aspirations?

And for some of us, our schools inculcated it into the school program where you had to play dress up to school. Maybe come to school as a doctor or a lawyer if that was what you wanted to be?

Photographer, Vincent Tremeau got children and adolescent across Africa and photographed them as part of his project One Day, I Will project. The finished work portrays the children and youths dressed up in the outfits of the adults they want to become. Take a look at them

1. Mustafa the photographer



2. Paradoxe the Soldier



3. Mahamat the Footballer or Mahamat the Musician



4. David the President



5. Safinatou the chef



6. Chaibou the Pilot



7. Francoise the nurse



8. Oumarou the soldier



9. Habou the Driver



Isn’t this amazing?

You should also look at the work of these photographers who showed us the life of a sandman in Ajegunle and also the struggles of internally displaced people.

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