4 Types Of People You Meet At African Open Days

One of the rare times where your parents are expected to show up at school. If you ever attended an open day in an African school, here are the kinds of people you must have met.

These ones are  just there to mark register and go. They’re normally quite busy so just come, sign attendance and go. They’re also the ones who give the teachers a big envelope.

The snitches are those teachers that just bring up something from your past to discuss with your parents. You’re done with book inspection and all of a sudden, your teacher is talking about the time you jumped school fence in JS2. Wyd fam?

The angry parents are those ones who have the bad kids in school. And when the teachers end up saying everything they have to say, they resort to beating in some instances. And then, everyone in the class is just watching you get beat up.

The absentee kids were those people whose parents never came to PTA meetings or even open days. Sometimes, it was their fault because they never even told their parents in the first place. Other times,it was because their parents had busy schedules. At the end of the day, you see them looking for their friend’s parents to stand in for them.

Photo: Ray Styles/Pencilled Celebrities

Photo: Ray Styles/Pencilled Celebrities

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