Struggles Every Girl With Thick Hair Has Experienced Before

Nobody understands the beauty struggle better than a woman.

One main part of the beauty struggle is hair. Yes, that stuff on top your head. Most women spend ages in the salon just to get their hair to look amazing. The money women spend on weaves, hair extensions and salons yearly is enough to fund a small country.

With how expensive everything is these days, thick haired sisters must be facing a crisis. If you have thick hair, trust me, you must have experienced two or more of the following struggles:

1.  Combing your hair is a battle

Anytime you think about combing your hair, your shoulder starts to ache in sympathy. Combing your thick hair is a lesson in patience. And of course, arm workouts.

funke akindele meme

Image: Pinterest


2.  How you feel when someone ruins your perfectly packed hair

After you have managed to pack your unruly hair and someone accidentally unravels your scarf or your rubber band cuts, you’d just be like:

Image :

Image :


3.  When you think of your next salon visit, your heart and bank account begins aching

If everyone else is using one bundle of hair extensions, you’d probably use three!




4.  Making your hair takes forever

Jesus will come. Stay for some hours and go back to heaven. And your hair still won’t be finished.

cant handle meme


5.  When you go to the salon, the hairdressers are suddenly scarce

Because everyone is scared of your thick hair.

ohhh meme


6.  Your favourite hairstyles are those that last for months

You have mastered the art of stretching one hairstyle for 2-3 months.

Short braids style 8

Image: NigerianBraids/Instagram


7.  You’re always thinking of cutting your hair

You’re always tired of your stressful hair. You want to cut it but never do. How else will you slay?!



To all the ladies with really thick hair, I say a big “pele”. On the plus side, here are amazing protective styles you can rock for months.

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