PUWU opposes sale of ECG



Public Utility Workers Union (PUWU) has kicked against the sale of Electricity Company OF Ghana (ECG) to a private entity. 

According to PUWU, if the deal is allowed to go through, it will bring untold hardships to Ghanaians.

Speaking to Today at the Afienya office of ECG in the Greater Accra Region on Friday, September 2, 2016 the branch Director, Mr.  Theophilus Teye Mensah, who also doubles as the Divisional Secretary for PUWU, accused the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) party of conniving with MiDA to launch the Request For Proposal (RFP) which mandates bidders to bid for the take-over of ECG.

According to him, government must be held responsible for the inefficiency and ineffectiveness of the nation’s power distributor since it had failed to allow ECG to operate independently.

He pointed out that the continuous dismissal of Managing Directors (MDs) of ECG from office in recent times was a clear indication of government’s interference in the work of ECG.

That, Mr. Teye Mensah alleged, was because government “wants somebody it can manipulate.”

“Within a space of eight years government has appointed and removed five MDs,” he added.

According to him, none of these MDs spent two years in office, which situation, he said, “is not good for the smooth running of the power company.”

He could not understand why government was bent on inflicting “regrettable pain” on over 6000 workers of the ECG having sworn to serve and protect the interest of the Ghanaian worker.

Also speaking to Today on the same issue, one Engineer Ofori Ampomah noted that the major problem of the power sector was generation and not distribution.

“How many turbines at Akosombo are working”?  he asked.

What the ECG needs, according to him, was heavy investment in the area of power generation and not distribution.

“What prevents our leaders to do same for the power sector what they see outside when they travel abroad?” Engineer Ofori Amonsah asked.

He disclosed that revenue generation of ECG at Tema municipality alone which has 19 sub-substations in a week was GHc58 million, making it difficult to finance it.

He explained that “no primary sub-station costs less than 260 million US Dollars.”

He went on to ask: therefore with 19 sub-stations where does the government expect ECG to get money from?


Source: Ghana/todaygh.com/Prosper Selassie, Intern, AUCC


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