Here’re The Various Ways To Get Scammed On The Internet And How To Avoid It

Internet fraud is a headache for many people. A lot of people are losing money each and everyday over internet fraud.

Even though a lot of complaints are coming out and many people are in grief after losing lots of money to internet fraudsters, many more are still being swindled and it’s not a joke.

One thing everybody needs to understand is that, there is no free money anywhere. If you chase free virtual money, you’re definitely going to get played.

Below are some pointers for you to avoid being scammed online.

1. Do Not Be Greedy

The desire to get rich quick and greed is what is pushing many into the waiting arms of these fraudsters.  If we all agree to work hard for our money and not take short cuts to riches, we’ll not fall for internet fraud. Once people receive those emails and messages and see the amount involved, they see it as free money and are so eager to get it. This desire leads to them parting with huge sums of money. Be content with what you have, no one wants to give you free money.



2. Have You Participated In Any Competition?

One way of getting people to defraud is by sending them emails saying they’ve been selected as winners in some raffle or promotion. They are then asked to contact someone who’ll help them redeem their prize. When you receive such a message, the first question to ask yourself is; “have I participated in any promotion?”. If your answer is no, then forget it. Let me also say this, there is no organization anywhere that runs raffles to select random winners from internet users. So ignore such messages unless you’ve indeed participated in a promotion like that.

Image: indiaToday

Image: indiaToday


3. No One Dies And Bequeaths His Inheritance To Someone He Doesn’t Know

This inheritance thing is probably the biggest scam email sent around. They claim to be reps of a late client who bequeathed his/her inheritance to someone but they can’t trace the person but you have the same name as the person so they want you to come and claim the inheritance so both of you can share. First of all, no one dies and lives his inheritance to an unknown person. Also, you can’t just walk up and claim a dead persons inheritance. If it was so easy to just go claim an inheritance because you have the same name, then a lot of people would have been rich since it’ll only take a change of name to execute this. Stay away from such emails and save your money.

Photo: YouTube

Photo: YouTube


4. Confirm From The Company On Their Official Website

There are times an email states a popular company and claims you’ve won a prize in an ongoing promotion so you need to contact someone for further directions to claim the prize. This is a lie since any big company that runs such a promotion, will advertise it, but if you’re still curious, go on the internet and search for the company. All big companies have websites, visit their website and if it’s true that they are running such a draw, it’ll be there for you to see along with all winners.

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5. Check E-Mail Address 

You receive a mail from the FBI and the director has a gmail address as his official correspondence. This should immediately tell you it’s a scam. Workers of Microsoft, will not have Yahoo, Ymail or Gmail accounts for official correspondence, they’ll have email addresses that correspond with their domain name. So if you get any email that gets you quite convinced, check the email address of the sender. You get a message from a Google worker and he’s using Yahoo or Hotmail, how possible? Look out for email addresses like [email protected] They twist the addresses around to make it look legit in your eyes.



6. You Do Not Pay To Receive A Prize In Any Competition

It’s basic logic, you enter a promotion or competition, win a prize and you’re invited to receive your prize. At no point in this process are you supposed to pay any amount of money to anyone to redeem your prize. If anyone wants you to send money, call credit or anything as part of the process of getting your prize, something you’ve supposedly won, then it’s a scam.

Photo: Giphy

Photo: Giphy


7. No One Needs You To Help Retrieve His/Her Inheritance

These emails are just like the inheritance one except that this time, the one inheriting the money is alive and inherited the money from his/her late father or mother who normally is a former Head of State or prominent person in politics. They claim after the father or mothers death, rebels or killers pursued him/her and he/she is now hiding somewhere so needs your help to transfer the money to your account. You’re promised a percentage of the total amount which runs into tens of millions of American Dollars. Ask yourself, where does this person know me, what happens after the money is transferred into my account and I run off, if money belongs to you and it’s locked in a bank, is it not safer than in a strangers account? Will you do this? Forget such scams.

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8. The FBI Doesn’t Reward For Wrong Investigation Or Whatever

You receive an email from the “FBI” saying they are sorry for wrongfully intercepting some money meant for you which they thought was not legal but after investigations, they now realize it was legitimate so they are going to compensate you for the inconvenience. You’re then asked to contact somebody who’ll help you with the rest of the process to transfer the money into yours. You can confirm such a message from the FBI if you want but I can tell you that this is as false as a lawyer who says he’s an honest lawyer. Don’t even respond to such a mail. A check on the email address of the sender will also prove to your that it’s a lie.

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9. Avoid Get-Rich Schemes

Anything that promises to double your money, make you rich overnight or give you lottery numbers is false. The only way to making money is working hard. Do not give your hard-earned money to anyone who promises to make you rich overnight.

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