10 Things Only People Who Watch Jenifa’s Diary Will Understand

No doubt Jenifa’s Diary is one of the biggest local TV shows in the country.

It was on our list of local web series that you should be watching right now

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If you have binge watched the show, you probably know all these scenarios we’re going to describe below

1. When the song starts “anything she want she must to get oh”

Jenifa's Diary GIF


2. Toyosi when Jenifa says “I’ll cook jollof rice for you”

Really Happy


3. When Jenifa murders English and goes on to ask Kiki and Toyo “Why you laughing”

meme beyonce


4. Gene give me

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5. When manager Randy licks his lips

sigh gif best


6. When James twitches his hands

Girl Bye Gif


7. Whenever Mercy lies, which is like all the time.

Mercy Jenifa's Diary GIF


8. When Adaku has a plate of food with her

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9. When Sege refers to Jenifa as his girlfriend and tries to be cute.

Sege Jenifa's Diary GIF


10. When Pelumi does what she knows how to do best – be a haterrr

Toyosi Jenifa's Diary Gif


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