10 Hilarious Twitter Reactions To The Newly Released iPhone 7

The latest version of the iPhone, iPhone 7 was released yesterday. As usual, Apple wowed everyone with amazing features and excellent innovation.

Nigerians in their usual manner had a lot to say about the iPhone 7, and some of the reactions were frankly hilarious. Here are some of the tweets.

1. This one about selling kidneys


2. And this one about power banks


3. Another one about putting kidneys up for sale


4. And this one about the colours available


5. This joke about people who can afford the new iPhone


6. This one about his dad’s most likely reaction to a request for the new iPhone


7. This hilarious reaction to the new Air pods


8. This one about the only ‘apple’ he can afford


9. This one about getting curved

10. And this one about thanking God for life even without the iPhone 7


Hilarious right? For more laughs, check out hilarious tweets from the #YouKnowYouAreAfrican trend.


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