Odebrecht’s anti-corruption programme rated good by Transparency International

Accra, Sept. 6, GNA
– A report by the Transparency International, shows the Odebrecht Group,
climbed 47 positions in the best practice ranking for divulging information
among the 100 largest companies in emerging markets.

The “Transparency
in corporate reporting: assessing emerging market multinationals” research
studied practices for disclosing information by 100 of the largest
multinationals headquartered in 15 different emerging countries operating in
more than 185 countries around the world.

A statement issued
by Mr David Anim, the Communications and Image, Odebrecht and copied to the
Ghana News Agency on Tuesday said the report evaluates practices for disclosing
information based on three dimensions: anti-corruption programmes,
organisational structure and divulging financial information by country.

It said Odebrecht
climbed 47 positions in the general ranking, compared with the last report in
2013 – rising from 97th to the 50th position.

It noted that in
relation to anti-corruption programmes in particular, Odebrecht rose from 0 per
cent to a 77 per cent assessment, arriving at the 22nd place among
the 100 companies evaluated.

It said this
evolution was recognised by Transparency International as one of the factors,
which led to a better score by private as opposed to public companies in the
anti-corruption programme evaluation.

“Unlike the 2013
results in this item (anti-corruption programmes), the private companies
evaluated in this study obtained a better average score than state companies.

“The improved
result could principally be attributed to two companies, Mabe and Odebrecht,
which have disclosed their anti-corruption programmes to the public for the
first time”, indicated the report.

Odebrecht confirmed
that it continued to improve its compliance system, confident that those
changes would be reflected in Transparency International’s future assessments.

According to Danilo
Trinchao Rios, in Charge of People, Planning and Finance at the Ghana Office of
Odebrecht Engineering & Construction International.

“It gives us great
satisfaction that the Odebrecht Group climbed 47 positions in the best practice
ranking for divulging information, according to the Transparency International,
rising from 97th in 2013 to 50th position.

anti-corruption programme in emerging markets across the world, especially in
Ghana, has been lauded by many. We are committed to promoting good corporate
governance practices always.”

Engineering & Construction International is a global Brazilian organisation
with over 70 years’ experience, present in five continents and expertise in
diversified business in Engineering & Construction, Industry and
development of Infrastructure Projects.

Odebrecht’s global
operations have helped promote basic education and professional qualification
for the job market, engender productive initiatives that generate job and
income opportunities, improve the communities’ quality of life and sustainable
territorial development.

In addition,
Odebrecht promotes dialogue, cooperation and commitment designed to increase
the value chain’s contribution toward sustainable development, strengthening of
social inclusion and the promotion of human and cultural diversity.

Through strategic
technology and knowledge transfer, Odebrecht, contributes to the development of
the capacity and expertise of the human resource of economies where the company

In Ghana, Odebrecht
is responsible for the construction of Lot five and six of the Eastern Corridor
Road project.


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