10 Pictures People Who Go Shopping With Their Mothers Can Relate To

I was on Twitter when someone complained about the struggles of going to the market with her mother and I got it because it’s a lot of stress.

So if you’ve ever gone to the market with your mother, this post is for you

1. You when she says “come and drop me off at Oyingbo market”or when she tells you that you’re going with her to the market.

Not Doing That GIF


2. But you know you cannot dodge it because another matter will enter if you don’t



3. You when your mother enters a shop and starts pricing items from 1000 to 250

headache gif


4. When she lies that the other shop sold it to her for N200 

oprah-shocked gif


5. And then they tell her to bring the money

wow gif


6. When you’ve spent all day carrying bags and your mother is entering the first shop again.



7. When she decides to check out new shoes, when she came to buy meat



8. When she starts telling you how they’ll cheat you if you were sent to the market alone



9. When it’s finally time to go home

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10. You in two weeks when she says “Junior, will you take me to the market tomorrow”

Running Chicken Meme


What other memories do you remember from going to the market with your mom?

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