This is what Lord Paper’s Mum had to Say about the P0rn Music Video

This is what Lord Paper’s Mum had to Say about the P0rn Music Video

Lord Paper was on Peace FM with Akwasi Aboagye where he talked about his mother’s position on the whole brouhaha about his explicit music video with a certain Nana Yaa Jamaican. According to him, his mother has expressed her disappointment in him over the development and cautioned him to be weary of how he behaves in the Ghanaian community.

The musician claims he explained it to her mum that it was a mere art and the expression had to be as close to reality as it could but her mum did not buy into the whole concept and felt he went far with the video.


Already, the lady’s father has also slammed at his daughter for the act and even explained that he believes his daughter to be possessed.


So an Upcoming musician Michael Takyi-Frimpong, popularly known as Lord Paper decided to do a p0rn movie and call it a music video for his ‘Awurama’ song but it did not last half a day on Youtube. Like legendary Bob Marley said- you can fool some people sometime but you can not fool all the people all the time. He could not fool Youtube into thinking it was a music video. According to him, it took him only four hours to shoot this p0rn movie at North Kaneshie.

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