Shock! SHS Graduate in Kumasi Commits Suicide Over Criss Waddle.

Shock! SHS Graduate in Kumasi Commits Suicide Over Criss Waddle.

A lady, identified only as Mary, was a resident of Tech, a suburb in the Metropolis. She had allegedly met the rapper via photo-sharing social network, Instagram and befriended him. The musician had warned the deceased that she was not matured enough to date him.

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However, Criss Waddle reportedly invited the young lady over to Tema and Prampram residences, where they would engaged in “hot sexual bouts”.

In one of such visits, the duo took photos together which the deceased posted on her social media pages. The pictures attracted a barrage of insults and when she could no longer contain them, she decided to commit suicide.

Despite Criss Waddle admitting to having met Mary, he maintained that he was not involved in any relationship with her.According to Criss Waddle, the lady had demanded to take pictures with him but he was not willing because he could not vouch for her credibility.

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Upon a second thought however, he yielded to her demand and took the picture with Mary just like he does to his fans.

After taking the pictures, I showed the pictures to her and ask if I could post the images on my social media page. She agreed and afterwards fans started insulting her. She called me and was complaining to the extent she threatened to do something to herself. Her friend also called but I told her she is not my kind of girl because it looks like she has so many dates. I am not always bothered about negative comments about me because I know they are never true. It is only when such comments are true I get worried”, he said

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The rapper said it was after posting the image she got to know the other side of the lady who he alleged has dated several men and therefore did not qualify to be his girlfriend.

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