Court remands two drivers for robbery

Accra, Sept. 6, GNA
– An Accra Circuit Court has remanded Alfred Zogli, and Michael Donkor, both
drivers into police custody for conspiracy and alleged robbery.

The accused persons,
who pleaded not guilty, would reappear in court on September 19.

Chief Inspector K.
Adu, presenting the facts to the court presided over by Mr Aboagye Tandoh said
the complainant Daniel Sackey is a taxi driver.

He said on July 6 at
about 1300 hours, the complainant, who was driving a Nissan Almera cab with
registration No. GW9335 – 16, was hired by Michael from Awutu Bereku to
Dansoman Beach.

He said on reaching
Dansoman beach, Michael informed the complainant to wait for his white man
friend, who was coming to join them.

He said while
waiting, Alfred, drove another cab with suspect Erasmus Adama Nketiah and one
other suspect, all at large to where the complainant had parked his taxi.

The Prosecution said
the complainant together with Michael, were intentionally arrested by Alfred
and his team with the allegation that, they had stolen the white man’s money.

“They were put in a
cab, Alfred and his two accomplices brought,” he added.

He said suspect
Nketiah introduced himself as a BNI Operative and the other suspect yet to be
identified, brought out an ID card and introduced himself as a Police Officer.

Chief Inspector Adu
said Alfred then handcuffed the complainant together with Michael together and
drove his cab to about 200 meters, the alleged Police Officer then searched the
complainant and removed his mobile phone and his taxi cab ignition key.

He said Alfred drove
another distance and had a call, immediately he hanged up, he stopped the car
and removed the handcuff from the complainant’s hands and pushed him out of the
car, with the excuse that he was not part of those that stole from the white
man and sped-off.

He said the
complainant was able to pick the inscription at the back of the blue Nissan
Almera taxi as “NO SIZE” used by Alfred and his two accomplices.

The Prosecution said
the complainant went back to where his taxi was parked and realised that the
cab was nowhere to be found and in the process he made a formal report to the
Police Dansoman.

The Police Inspector
said on August 5, the cab was traced to Adabraka and the complainant identified
Alfred, who was then driving the same cab with the inscription “NO SIZE” at the
back, as the very taxi used to rob him.

Alfred was arrested
and his vehicle was impounded and on August 23 and the Ghanaian Times published
a story about Michael and others, who were involved in a robbery case being
investigated by Police Kaneshie.

The complainant came
to the Dansoman Police Station with the copy of the publication and identified
the Michael as the one who hired him from Awutu Bereku to Accra and robbed him.

He said the
complainant led Police to the Kaneshie Police Station and pointed out the
accused person, Michael Donkor to the Dansoman Police.


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