16 Hilarious Tweets From The #YouKnowYouAreAfrican Trend

Twitter users recently took to the social media app to share a definitive guide to knowing that you’re African and it’s as true as it gets.

We shared our list tweets from the trend that got us laughing

1. Even if you had ten pieces of meat, all goes in after the food


2. Because woe betide you if you accept food that your mother doesn’t give you signal to accept


3. Because of course I’m supposed to remember you since I was 2


4. Damn right


5. Ice cream tubs are for egusi soup please


6. Sorry, why is my name in red oh? MS Word?


7. A.k.a Home to roaches most times


8. Edakun how will my TV just burn like dat


9. At one point or the other.


10. Child not remote bringer


11. “When they go, I’ll make another one for you” Don’t fall


12. Old plates are breaking, but new plates will never be used 


13.  Money cannot waste please


14. So you mean Aunt Lydia isn’t mum’s niece?


15. Danish Cookies = Sewing Box


16. LOL! 


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