Social Media Platforms Before Facebook

Social Media has become a part of the daily life of Ghanaians. Every youth in Ghana is at least on one social media platform.

Even though there are numerous of these platforms, the most common ones that come to peoples minds are Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and Instagram with Facebook sitting on top of the social media food chain.

However, did you know that before Facebook and Twitter, there were other social media websites? Some of them were not popular in Ghana but a couple were the daily thing in Ghana back then.

Below are some social media platforms that were in use in Ghana before Facebook.

1. MySpace

MySpace was the place to be back then. You just had to have a MySpace account. You search through various profiles and then add them as friends. You then chat with them through direct messages. You also get to add celebrities.


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2. Friendster

It’s now a social Gaming  site but it used to be a social networking website. It allowed users to add people to their networks and then share videos, audio, pictures and messages with these contacts. Friendster is known as the grandfather of social media networks.


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3. Hi5

It was the second biggest social media network in 2007 after MySpace. Hi5 allows users to create their own profiles and then search through it’s catelogue of profiles to add other members to their network by sending them friend requests. These can either be accepted or rejected. It allowed status updates and photo sharing among others.


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4. Badoo

Badoo was more about meeting new people. It didn’t have any update feature back then so you just search through countless profiles which can be filtered using location. Once you see a profile you’re interested in, you send a message to the member.


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5. Yahoo Messenger

This was a messaging feature running on Yahoo for all its members. It allowed for instant messaging and sharing of multimedia between users. It was a desktop application.

yahoo messenger

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6. Bebo

Bebo was another place to hang out online, just like the aforementioned.




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