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Abraham Attah UsaAbraham Attah

Since rising to prominence with his movie Beast of No Nation, there have been several calls for government assistance for Hollywood actor Abraham Attah, as he is has become a national treasure of sorts.

A recent call thus has been made by lawyer/child activist Nana Adwoa A Ackom-Mensah.

In an interview with Enewsgh, the former executive Assistant at International Trade Centre (WTO) has challenged those who petitioned for the Montie 3 to be pardoned most especially the ministers of state, to do same for government to take up sponsorship of his education.

“I dare all those ministers who petitioned the president for the Montie 3 to come out –I dare you to petition that Abraham Attah be sponsored for schooling, not by individuals in Ghana, and also take over the 3 boys and make them prodigies and make them the hope of the children who think that they are nobodies so they can’t go anywhere. I dare you all ministers.”

While admitting that the government has shown interest in Abraham Attah by giving him a Better Ghana -branded laptop, there is lot more that is required for them to do; “he does not need that rLG laptop,people in Hollywood gave more than that. What he need is to further his education, what he need is the ministers who signed for the Montie trio to sign a petition and make Abraham Attah a mascot for all children to have hope where there is none.”

Abraham Attah shot to global acclaim with his compelling performances alongside Idris Elba in Beast of No Nation, adaptation of Uzodinma Iweala’s novel with the same name. In the movie, he plays Agu, a child soldier in a war-torn African country.

Nana Adwoa A Ackom-Mensah is ambassador/fundraiser for The Dream! Child Foundation, and the Mosquito Control Programme (MOSCOP) Ghana.

She has also been associated with the United Nations Peacekeeping in the Former Yugoslavia (UNPROFOR), as well as the World Health Organization (WHO) Geneva-Switzerland.

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