Preach peace songs not only on elections – Kesse to musicians

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Talented musician Kesse has entreated his colleague artistes not to preach peace songs only on election seasons.

It has become a norm for musicians to churn out peace songs during the electioneering year to sensitise the public to live in harmony and avoid violence.

But speaking on Ultimate FM’s E-Review hosted by Naa Klordey Odonkor, he believes songs must be preached to Ghanaians before, during and after elections, hence his personal decision not to release a peace song this year.

According to him, it is totally wrong for musicians to release peace songs during elections when stakes are high.

‘Peace songs can be released any day, any year; we shouldn’t wait only when the country is gearing up for elections, in Ghana we wait until its election before we embark on peace songs. I think it’s wrong, peace songs should be relevant in any year at all, the songs that am featured on I didn’t say anything that will destabilise me but you will still enjoy it years ahead,’ he said.

The musician who has been out of the country for sometime now, charged his colleagues to put their thoughts together by preaching peace on daily basis.

He disclosed that he has featured on three peace songs which will be released this week.

‘I went to hide in Rome for some holidays, personally am not but there are couple of it that am being featured on, peace song is good to create awareness, it’s like alerting the votes to know that the country has to be peaceful, have been featured on three peace songs which are going to come out soon. That is why I did not come out as a solo artiste, I don’t think peace songs should be out during voting seasons, I think it’s something that has to be encouraged, even if we are not going on elections, we should play peace songs, but it’s like when its valentine’s day you see more of musicians doing love songs, blah blah,’ he observed.

He hinted of releasing his latest song titled ‘Kwadee’ meaning wake up from your slumber and keep working.

Touching on extravagant lifestyles of musicians who later beg government or corporate body for alms when they are bedridden, he advised his musician colleagues to save from the monies they earn.

‘I am achieving whatever I am earning, I do what pleases me, apart from that I don’t just blow it, because I need to think about tomorrow, it breaks my heart to see some of my colleagues bedridden begging for money, because whatever we do, aside music, it’s a job, if you doing a job, you possibly have to think of tomorrow, always save,’ he urged.

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