Mark Zuckerberg Was In Abuja And The Comments On His Facebook Will Make You Laugh

So Zuck came to Nigeria again!

Image: Mark Zuckerberg/Facebook

Image: Mark Zuckerberg/Facebook


And apparently, he read the comments on twitter so he decided to wear a suit and not the T-shirt he wore the last time (Hahaha. Nah, he was actually meeting the president this time around)

According to what he posted on his Facebook page

He, alongside the president and vice president met with entrepreneurs as part of Demo Day, an initiative for the Nigerian government to fund entrepreneurs with ideas for improving the country. We heard from engineers who are finding ways to reward people for recycling, designing ways to pick up trash easier, and using shuttles to improve commutes in Lagos.


Deep down, we think he came to eat that good jollof he had in Lagos. Have you been to his Facebook page recently? We went there and found a few hilarious comments that we couldn’t just keep to ourselves.

1. This one where a Nigerian wanted him to visit local telecommunication companies “on behalf of Nigerian youths”

Comment Five


2. This one that cooked up a plot twist and served it to Mark

Comment One


3. This one that brought up the social media bill from way back. LOL

Comment Four


4. And this person that brought up Daddy Bubu’s ear infection.

Comment Seven


5. Not to forget this person who made it about dressing

Comment Six


6. More plot twists

Comment Two


7. Um.. 

Comment Three


Until next time Mark, bye bye! You should see pictures of what he did while he was in Lagos

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