3 Other Uses Of Table Salt You Didn’t Know

Everyone takes table salt for granted.

Apart from using salt in our meals, we hardly use it for anything else. We use a pinch when baking or a teaspoon in lots of water when we have a sore throat. But common salt is usually ignored.

Kitchen items like baking soda, lemon juice etc. get all the publicity and stuff. But no longer. For our purposes here, use iodized salt. This contains sodium, chlorine and iodine. Here are three uses you didn’t know you can get out of your table salt:

1.  Hair Softener

Does your hair break when you comb it? If you belong to the class of people who have very coarse and hard hair texture, then your table salt can rescue you. Add two tablespoons of salt to your shampoo. Shake well to mix it together. Wet your hair. Then apply the salt shampoo mixture to the roots of your hair. Massage properly. Then wash off. This will remove product buildup and keep your hair softer.

Moisturizing black hair

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2.  Dandruff Treatment

Dandruff is a problem for many people. The flaky itchy nuisance called dandruff can easily be cured. All you need? Just some salt! Partition your hair into sections. Wet your fingers. Then pick up some salt with your wet fingers and massage that section. The salt will act as an exfoliator and remove the dead skin cells that cause those embarrassing flakes. Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner after you’ve massaged your entire hair with salt.

Woman trying to comb her frizzy hair

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3.  Increase Hair Volume

People with full hair are often the envy of those with thin and scanty hair. The full hair struggle is one that I’ll simply say:

who no go no know how far

If you want fuller and bouncier hair, salt can help you with that. Mix equal amount of salt and conditioner in a bowl. Shampoo your hair like you’d usually do. Then apply the salt and conditioner mixture to the roots of your hair. Wait 20 minutes before rinsing it off. Do this once in two months. This is so the salt doesn’t dry out your hair.

Deep Conditioning black hair

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I guess common salt isn’t so common after all. Want more DIY hair treatment? You should check out other remedies for dandruff.

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