21 Times Yoruba Movies Were The Absolute Best

Whether you choose to call it Yorrywood or the Yoruba sector of Nollywood, you’ll recognize the fact that they’re doing a great job in preserving the culture and telling stories.



And if not for anything, the Yorrywood movies find a way to make us laugh either by their names, or the acting or more often than not the subtitling.

Here are just a few of the many times when they were the absolute best.

1. Teacher Teacher *in Akanm D Boy’s voice*

Caption 20


2. This is just hilarity.

Caption 14


3. Can not explain honestly.

Caption 7


4. EFCC, be aware.

Caption 1


5. Be very afraid. 

Caption 21


6. Probably means something else.

Caption 6


7. So many sympathisers and they couldn’t bother coming close to the correct spelling

Caption 13


8. Didn’t know there were upper and lower levels of a First class

Caption 19


9. Disadam ko.

Caption 15


10. Okay Matthew the tax collector

Caption 8


11. Bye gone to this one too.

Caption 2


12. Odunlade is clearly not well.

Caption 9


13. We tried imagining too, but it’s difficult

Caption 3


14. Nah, kill me now.

Caption 4


15. 2 + 1 = 3

Caption 18


16. I believe they meant sour, but well..

Caption 12



Caption 5


18. Peak ko. Jago ni

Caption 17


19. We may have missed something but was the person supposed to be alive?

Caption 10


20. Angery

Caption 16


21. Nah, this one is just as hilarious as their facial expressions.

Caption 11


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