13 Things Ladies Do That Men Find Confusing

It’s okay to say women are special. 

They have their own ways just like men but here are things women do men can’t fathom.

1. Don’t Know Which Clothes To Wear

Women are the only people who can have a million and one clothes and still have none to wear.

Image: Giphy.com

Image: Giphy.com


2. Sees absolutely nothing wrong with owning a million shoes

Women don’t mind buying the same shoe twice, even if the only difference is the color. They’ll still say, they do not know what shoes to wear.

Image: Gif Finder

Image: Gif Finder


3. The World in a handbag

Why pack everything in this world into your handbag. When you go through a woman’s handbag, you will find almost everything in there, even a house 😂😂.

image: giphy.com

Image: Giphy.com


4. Wearing shoes even if it hurts

Heels are not the most comfortable shoes but women will wear it anyway, simply because it makes them look classy even if it hurts AF.



5. Wearing something even if it’s uncomfortable

Only women will wear a mini skirt and pull it down every two seconds to avoid exposing their privates. Why don’t you wear something that is comfortable and be free? Sigh! 🙄🙄

nene gif


6.  Having a cleaner room/house and a dirty car

Almost every woman is anally retentive about cleanliness of her home or room but go to their car and you’ll puke. They have shoes, food, hair and waste everywhere. I guess we all have our priorities right?

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7. Angry over trivial things

Women will get angry at the least thing, forget to invite her to an event, she won’t talk to you ever again, forget to wish her a happy birthday, you’ve been blocked, just anything annoy women.

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8. Stuffing their beds with a million and one pillows

You know it’s a woman’s bed when it has more than six pillows, you definitely can tell it’s a man’s bed when it’s just one pillow, maximum two. We just can’t understand the use of the extra pillows.



9. Saying the opposite of exactly what they mean

When a woman says “I’m fine”, it actually means she’s not, when she says “Yes”, it actually means “No”. It’s almost impossible to understand what women say since they usually mean the opposite of what they say.



10. Taking control of the bed

Everybody in a relationship can tell you, the bed belongs to the woman and there’s nothing men can do about it, even if they’ve assigned the bigger part to themselves.

Photo: El.Carna/Instagram

Photo: El.Carna/Instagram


11. Makeup struggle

Women will spend hours making up, only to clean it off every night.

Photo: Poka Arts

Photo: Poka Arts


12. Being overly-hygienic

Women will walk into a washroom, clean the whole toilet seat, put tissues on the toilet seat before sitting on it. Even with that, their butt will be hanging mid-air, when they’re done, they will wash their hands with soap, spray cologne, clean their hands with a hand sanitizer and add a hand cream. What types of germs are they preventing.

Image: Gifs Me

Image: Gifs Me


13. Asking rhetorical questions

Women tend to ask rhetorical questions, be honest with your answer and you are doomed. These questions are like a test.

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