The Ghana Olympic story so far

Ghana News Agency feature by Alexander Nyarko Yeboah

Tema, Sept 3, GNA – The
2016 Olympic games just ended and Ghana came home with no medal at all.

This is because we
were all witnesses to the successes and failures; the feats and mediocre of the
competing countries.

The Usian Bolts and
others as usual shone like night stars and brought not only honour to their
countries, but joy to their millions of fans across the globe. But Ghana comes
home unidentified; as if we were never there.

Even though we taut
ourselves as being among the best in football, we could not come anywhere near
qualifying for the Olympic football tournament.

Ghana’s Olympic
record has been nothing to talk about. It only goes to show the extent to which
we do not value the benefits we could have otherwise got from the games.  

There are thousands
of young people in Ghana today with various sporting abilities who sit and
waste because we have not cultured the needed environment for their
development. And so people who could have brought us athletic laurels are just
sitting and adding to the desperate unemployment situation in Ghana.

First of all, there
is lack of vision on the part of our politicians who most likely do not have
any strategic development agenda for the various sports and our participation
in the Olympic Games.

This lack of vision
is seen through the kind of appointments we make to our institutions, in this
case the Ghana Olympic Committee. Instead of looking for self-motivated, gifted
and visionary personalities to fill the top management positions, our
governments over the years resort to appointing cronies and friends who may
just not be right for the job.

Usian Bolt is an
ordinary black man like any of our young folk. Probably we could find someone
in Ghana who could surpass his skill. These gifts go waste because there are no
efforts to fish for or groom them to pick the world stage. Even if something is
being done it is mediocre and it is better not to waste time and resources on
it. And so we go in circles; waste the tax payer’s money on an excuse for
training and put together teams that would go out there and get lost like a
drop of water in the ocean.

As it stands, it is
very possible that Ghana may cease to be represented at all at the games
because the system keeps on failing such that not only would we completely wipe
away the desire in the next generation from ever aspiring to be sports

I believe it is time
for a revolution in sports with an eye on developing the games such that the
youth may take advantage of.

The eastern African
states have succeeded in developing long distance runners such that they always
top the gold list and are even exported to compete for other nations. The youth
of this country deserve to be assisted in bringing out the qualities in them
and I believe our leaders owe them the needed leadership to bring it to pass.

There is nothing so
glorious like the whole world meeting at a stadium and ones national anthem
played because one won a gold medal.

We need to take the
Olympic Games more seriously.


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