Meet the Man with a Disease that Makes his Penis 10 times Bigger [[PHOTOS]

Meet the Man with a Disease that Makes his Penis 10 times Bigger [[PHOTOS]

A 20-year-old man, Sorence Owiti Opiyo, from Kenya has not been able to have sex due to the size of his penis. MirrorUK reports that Sorence’s situation cannot make him have sex or have babies of his own after a rare disease made his penis the size of a baby.

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Hanging well below his knees, the enormous penis has made him miserable, dropped out of school due to bullying after being orphaned at age 5. The swelling started at age 10 like a boil around his reproductive organ, five years after he was orphaned and being taken care by his grandma.

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When it started growing dramatically non-stop, he had an operation to reduce its size but it later  kept on growing and ballooned to almost 10 times the size of an average penis.

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Sorence said the condition is painful and stops him from wearing shorts or trousers because the size can’t fit in any clothing. He is now struggling to work out how his incredible penis won’t stop him from living a normal life. One of his family members told a local news website that he is scheduled for another operation at Jaramogi Oginga hospital in Kisumu. The family is now appealing to well-wishers for financial help for the surgery.


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