Be positive and tolerant role models, societal leaders urged

Afedzi Abdullah, GNA

Takoradi, Sept. 4, GNA – The Ahmadiyya
Muslim Movement
   has reiterated the need
for religious, political and traditional leaders to be positive role models in
the practice of tolerance as we approach the December polls.

It said tolerance was a key moral traits
required for promoting peace in the world and an indispensable tool for holding
a violence-free elections in December 2016 and beyond.

It appealed to Ghanaians to make conscious
efforts to tolerate one another.

Mr Ayyub Morgan, National Education
Secretary of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission, made the call at the opening of the
37th annual national rally of the Majlis Khudam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Ghana held in

The annual rally which was on the
theme:”Tolerance, an indispensable tool for peaceful co-existence”, was aimed
at working towards improving the spirituality, moral, social and physical
development of members to increase their faith in Allah.

Mr Morgan said man could not develop
spiritually, morally and materially without tolerance.

In this regard, he urged political leaders
of the various political parties to educate their members to be peace-loving
and whole-heartedly tolerate opposing views and refrain from insults in their

“All politicians must embrace inter-party
dialogue, commitment and engagement. Tolerance must manifests in patience,
self-control and willingness to forgive, instead of condemnation, retaliation,
confrontation wickedness and brutality”, he said.

He said tolerance was indispensable and that
religious leaders’ especially Islamic leaders could not be tired of admonishing
goodness, patience, togetherness, forgiveness and avoidance of extremism among
the entire citizenry as espoused in the Holy Quran.

“Above all, let us all promote inter-party
and intra-party tolerance as well as inter and intra religious tolerance.
Peaceful co-existence and national development are only achievable through
tolerance of each other’s views and excesses. Let us love all, and hate none as
Ahmadiyya advocates”, he added.

Maulvi Mohammed Bin Salih, Ameer and
Missionary in Charge of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission, Ghana urged Muslim youths
in the country to be bold and shun political leaders who engaged them to
perpetrate mayhem to salvage the image of the religion.

He said Islam has reached a state where
people have used its name to create unnecessary insecurity in the world and
that it was incumbent on its youth to behave in a manner that mirrors the true
teachings of the religion.

He said there is the need for world leaders
to come to a round table conference and make conscious efforts to collectively
work towards avoiding the occurrence of another world war and ensuring World

Salih said the impact of the first and second World wars were
devastating such that the whole mankind could be obliterated with the
sophisticated systems in this era, should there be a third world war.

Maulvi Salih described the theme for this
year’s rally as apt at a time where there “was heated environment” as a result
of an impending election and expressed the hope that it would be useful to the

He urged political leaders to accept the
results of the elections in good faith only if they cherished the development
of the country as they claimed.


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