Award scheme is pure business – Socrates Sarfo

Entertainment of Sunday, 4 September 2016



Socrates Sarfo X 300x189Controversial Movie Producer, Socrates Sarfo

Controversial Movie Producer, Socrates Sarfo, has stated that establishment of award-winning schemes in the country aimed at recognising works of people is pure business.

According to him, awards organisers don’t recognise people’s efforts because they have lots of money to dole out.

Speaking on Abusua FM’s Abusua Entertainment hosted by Austin Wood, he said establishment of awards scheme have become income generation ventures for these organizers.

‘The truth is that awards schemes are pure business, it will be a lie for anybody to tell you that he/she organises awards schemes because of his/her love for the industry, the organiser knows that sponsors will definitely come on board which will generate money, its not that the organisers have lots of money and want to help the industry in that regard, no,’ he explained.

Socrates observed that most of the awards scheme and beauty pageants are shredded in secrecy, saying the system is the same everywhere.

The ‘Hot Fork’ producer said there is nothing like a perfect scheme, adding that there will never be a perfect scheme.

Socrates indicated that most pageants and awards schemes borders on favouritism.

‘When it comes to the formula or the scheme, I would say many a times, its not transparent, and the whole world at large. I have not seen any award which is transparent, Miss World, Miss whatever, whatever, all are not transparent, there is an element of secrecy in it, do you see those who vote for contestants, do people verify whether the votes are genuine or not, or is it because they are whites, no.

As to whether nobody has tampered with the machine or not we don’t know, the scheme and all the things they type are not known, even if pastors organise awards, the process will never be perfect, its all about whom you know, am telling you the truth,’ he asserted.

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