Nsiah Asante on Why Lord Paper Did Nothing Wrong with his P0rn Music Video

Nsiah Asante on Why Lord Paper Did Nothing Wrong with his P0rn Music Video

I woke up this morning to news that a certain upcoming musician, Michael Takyi-Frimpong, aka Lord Paper has decided to do a p0rn movie and call it a music video for his ‘Awurama’ song. His reason? He wants his talent to be recognized. Myself, I have no concerns whatsoever with the gentleman’s strategy. If anything, I applaud him for the move.

The industry in Ghana plays the Helen Keller role whenever a new musician tries to get out there. You either need a rich family or a sympathetic and connected manager to make it out there. By all means, I am for the guy who does anything to get out there for the right reasons. He tried not show the extreme side- cock. I must add that he sings so beautifully.

Next Move?

There is the media regard and thankfully, the song is not as explicit as the video so he is more than likely to get a play time if he pushes. It behooves on him to get together a team of publicists to start working hard on the song to gain some attention. Of course, it does not have to be now, however, he has now to himself and if he moves quickly, chances are that he might have a week or two on top of Gh’s trending topics. If at any point in time he tries to sway from the bad boy tag he has already, all he has done is going to be a waste. Att worse, he should neither drop nor hold on to it. With a good music, he should be on top for a while.

Wisa’s replica?

When he came out to say he did this for his talent to be recognized (in other words, fame) many started saying Wisa’s nasty behaviour at  CitiFM’s D2R did not land him any mileage. That becomes a hefty task for him if he sticks to this particular fame because he made a name not a hit with this particular video. In fact, half the people who watched the video do not remember the song. But hey, there is nothing like bad publicity– Wisa did nothing with his fame. He rather disassociated himself from the identity of the scandal.

That was the same strategy Shatta Wale’s new team tried to use when they took over– to put out a good boy image and discard the bad boy image. They were failing and he was drowning. They quickly went back to the drawing board and released the Wo Maame Tw3 song. Bulldog mocked them for it. So yes, that is how and why Wisa failed but I am hopeful that the young man, Lord Paper will learn from it.

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If nothing is working, I suggest he see the legendary Shatta Wale for some insight into how to make it happen or even more, he should try a collab with him and hit hard on his Brand name’s association (sex). I am certain that by the close of this quarter, he will be biggest new thing in Ghana if he does not slack with the name and tag.

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