Korle Bu operates fibroid cases daily

By Caroline Pomeyie, GNA

Accra, Sept. 2, GNA
– Dr Theodore Boafor, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Korle Bu
Teaching Hospital, has disclosed that the medical entity conducts three – five
fibroid surgeries daily.

He said fibroid
cases are on the increase, and the statistics show that one out of every three
women above 30 years have the medical condition as well those in their

“But most fibroid
cases do not cause any problem,” he said in an interview with Ghana News Agency
in Accra.

He explained that
the same hormones that control menses promote the growth of fibroid so if a
female has been having her period throughout her life the chances of having
fibroid are higher.

“When you are
pregnant you do not menstruate so there is a break in the menstrual cycle. It
has been observed that people who have several pregnancies in their lifetime
are least likely to have fibroid.

“However, those who
have had no break in their menstrual cycle are most likely to have fibroid,” he

Dr Boafor said
fibroid is a benign growth of the womb, which is not dangerous but the
malignant growth (cancer) could pose health challenges.

He noted one could
live with fibroid and seek treatment if it causes pain around the abdomen
during and after menses or experience visible enlargement of the lower abdomen
and excessive bleeding with lot of blood clots, dizziness and weakness as a
result of the blood loss.

He said if the
fibroid is causing problems then the patient needs surgery: myomectomy or

Myomectomy involves
the removal of fibroid growth while hysterectomy involves the removal of the

“People usually
discover they have fibroid accidentally when they go for a scan for another
health situation because there is no clear symptom to show one has fibroid.

“When this happens
one should not worry because medical doctors are able to manage those that
cause problems,” he said.


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