I Bought my First Camry at Age 22- Samini on his Wealth [Shatta Wale Sub]

samini shatta

Samini has some words for people claiming Shatta Wale has more and better cars than him. According to him, he bought his first Camry at age 22 but he is reserved and does not see the need to flaunt his wealth.

Yes, I’m that guy who loves to stay at the background and enjoy life to the fullest. I happened to blow up very early. Even by age 22, I bought my first Camry but others got theirs recently, so with me, showing off is not my style

With the ongoing beef between Shatta Wale and him, he feels it is fair if only it is healthy. Particularly because  he came into the industry through beef.

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Actually, I came into this industry through beef, I remember onetime Yogi was on Top FM running his mouth, I was in a taxi with Tony, so we asked the driver to take us to Top FM so I can give the guy some lil pressure, and Yogi was there in the studio and I just sat by him. They gave me the microphone and it was just something else

He is expected to hold his annual SaminiFest in December.

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