Fetish priest jailed for failing to multiply money

By Joyce
Danso, GNA

Accra, Sept.1, GNA – A Fetish priest who
defrauded a trader of GH
ȼ8,000.00 under the
pretext of multiplying it to GH
has been sentenced to three months’ imprisonment by an Accra Circuit Court.

Benjamin Doe, aka Ben Doe, an Adjin Kotoku
based-fetish priest would also pay a fine of GH
ȼ3,600.00, and in default serve an additional two-year
jail term.

Handing the sentence, the court presided over
by Mr Aboagye Tandoh explained that Doe had refunded GH
ȼ8,500.00 a little over
the GHȼ8,000.00, which he collected from the Prestea-based trader and galamsey
operator and also had prayed for leniency.

The Judge, however, declared that the Court
ought to serve a strong signal to all who hid behind the society to
legitimatise beliefs in spirits and gods to defraud people who were in dire
need of assistance.

Doe is said to have plied his trade on Amansan
TV, Peace FM, and other networks and his trade names were “Abonsam Sika,” “Sika
Duro,” “Pocket no dry,” and “Money doubling”.

The court on August 31, this year found Doe
guilty on the charge of defrauding by false pretences and convicted him.

However, Doe’s counsel Mr George Assamaney
prayed the court to give them time to organise themselves so they could refund
the money.

In spite of the extra monies totalling GHȼ13,540.00 to purchase
items to convince his gods to assist the complainant Mr Joseph Acquah.

Mr Assameney said he had advised his client to
be cautious of what those gods could do but could not do.

At yesterday’s sitting the court implored
people to work hard and desist from embarking on shortcuts to riches.

The court observed that the complainant
instead of resorting to hard work, he chose the path of quick money.

It advised the public to beware of adverts run
through the media, adding fraudulent spiritualist had invaded media outlets and
it was not all that the media portrayed that were truthful.

The facts, as presented by Deputy
Superintendent of Police (DSP) A. Suleman were that the complainant resided as

In February last year, DSP Suleman said Doe
advertised on Amansan TV to help people for their business to grow. Hence his
telephone number appeared on the screen.

DSP Suleman said the complainant, therefore,
travelled to Accra and called the convict on phone and he directed him to his
house at Adjen Kotoku, near Amasaman in Accra.

According to the prosecution, when the
complainant met Doe, he told him he was into money doubling, pockets no dry and
Sika Duro.

Afterwards DSP Suleman said the complainant
opted for doubling of money. Doe demanded GH
ȼ 8,000.00 to multiply his money to GHȼ80,000.00.

Based on that, Doe collected GHȼ13,450.00 to purchase
some items such as six flowers and Saturday night powder to purify the gods.

The Prosecution said after collecting a total
of GH
ȼ21,540.00, Doe failed
to honour his promise and he also failed to refund the money.

On April 10, last year, a report was made to
the Police so the accused was nabbed.


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