14 Things You Can Relate To If You Went To Sea School

How many people know about Sea School, Apapa here?

Image: Stephi March

Image: Stephi March


The Sea School, Apapa organizes a citizenship and leadership training for students from secondary schools. The students involved engage in various tasks ranging from physical drills, mental alertness, capacity building and empowerment.

You can call it Gulder Ultimate Search for secondary schools honestly.

Depending on your school, it was either for just prefects or for a particular class – either JSS3 or SS3. But the fact is if you ever went to Sea School, you can relate to a few items on this list

1. You when you tell everyone that you’re going to sea school



2. You when you finally get there and see students from different schools



3. Your expectations

Chilling Gif


4. Your reality

Image: The Body Department


5. You when you have to wake up for morning drills

Bruh Meme


6. You, after that walk from Sea School to Tarkwa Bay



7. When those Man O’War guys start all those funny songs



8. How you are when you get to the toilet

Image: Online Coloring Book


9. Sea school mosquitoes all the time

Surprise Bitch GIF


10. When you get watery beans

ohhh meme


11. When you see that friend that told you they cleaned their bum with leaves in sea school

Judging You Gif


12. And then your bed is probably like

Sea School Beds


13. You after seeing the bathing water

Not Doing That GIF


14. Everybody Jankara marketey!

Photo: CitiFmOnline


The list is actually inexhaustible. 

If you went to the NYSC Orientation Camp as well, then you’ll understand these ones right here.

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