Raila’s Secrets To A Happy & Long Marriage As They Celebrate Their 43rd Anniversary

Whoosh! Rao and Ida are celebrating their 43rd anniversary today! Mad respect!

I love how Ida has been the arm candy to her man throughout their trials and tribulations. She has always been by his side and supported him in his political aspirations, the loss of their son and all other ups and downs that come with this thing called marriage.

In an era where millennials are getting married and divorcing before the 1st year anniversary, we need role models such as Raila and Ida. A power couple to look up to and emulate!

As we celebrate our 43rd wedding anniversary together, people ask what the secret to a long, happy marriage is.

He then went ahead to dish out their secrets to a happy, long marriage and if you were expecting a long list, well you’re in for a rude shock. According to Raila, their only secrets are:

1. On their wedding day

Raila posted on his Twitter alongside this adorable throwback back photo of their wedding day:

raila and ida odinga

Image: Twitter/ Raila Odinga


2. Love

raila and ida odinga celebrate 43rd anniversary

Image: Twitter/ Raila Odinga


3. Respect

raila and ida odinga

Image: Twitter


4. A LOT (note the use of capital letters) of humor

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Image: Omgvoice.com

Image: Omgvoice.com


That’s definitely something to take home! We wish the power couple an amazingly happy anniversary! You might also want to see these gorgeous photos of Uhuru and Magaret Kenyatta that gives us relationship goals for days.

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