President Mahama Hot Again! See How Ghanaians are Interpreting his New PHOTOS.

President Mahama Hot Again! See How Ghanaians are Interpreting his New PHOTOS.

These photos of President John Mahama doing Usain Bolt’s victory salute and posing with swag are trending on social media.  Although a he is getting love from a section of social media users, it is not all rosy. Fuel prices just went up between 4 and 7 percent and he is posing the fast way? Trust Ghanaians to not let him be.

Some NPP communicators started associating the move to the rising fuel prices.

This is John Mahama tonight. Let me remind you that fuel prices are going UP again from tomorrow. If you think Mahama is thinking about you, here is your evidence. I rest my case.

Screenshot (361)

Some users were quick to comment in his defence:

You wish your old drug addicted Akufo Addo could be strong like Mahama. Nyaatwum fuor

Kekeli u called him useless if he can be your father or brother. If he was to be your father will u call him useless. Ghana we Dont no how to talk.

Another user shared the photo and linked it to the Ford scandal

The only Ghanaian medallist in the just ended Rio Olympics games in 100m and 200 m corruption john Ford.

This user also shared the photo and bemoaned how he was not having electricity

Kwaning Safo 


I’m on ‘Sleeping strike’… not sleeping again till this Incompetent man & his team are booted-out cos my fear is that the more I sleep the more they will steal.
Meanwhile the lights are off @2:30am


It looks like the President can not even afford the luxury of posting cool photos without getting insults from some quarters.

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