Ladies, Here’re Signs That You’re His Side Chic

Relationships are so stressful man …

You walk around talking about ‘your man’ yet you have no idea that you’re the side bitch chic…Guuuuuurl! First things first, we all know the definition of a side chic right? I mean it’s no brainer! But just in case, if you have no idea, a side chic is the chic the guy goes to, mostly for sex on the low low because he has his main girl that he spoils and treats like a queen. I have never really understood the concept of side chics. Men are such selfish beings…if you’re not happy with what your main girlfriend is giving you, why don’t you look for someone with the complete package? I can’t deal btw…

But let’s get to the gist of the topic. Ladies, the man you think is your bae, might just be someone else’s bae. Like for realzzz yo!

Here are tell-tale signs that you’re the side chic and not the main girlfriend:

1. Communication

He prefers to text instead of calling. Matter of fact, you never talk every day. He has some days when he will communicate and others when he will ghost out on you. He also prefers that he does the calling and texting instead of you doing that.

meme phone look


2. He never leaves his phone lying around

He’d be damned to leave his phone lying around the house when you guys are together; and when he gets a call, he excuses himself to pick it. chances are, you have been saved as ‘my barber’ on the phone and he also doesn’t want you to see any evidence of messages from his main chic. A guy who truly loves you wouldn’t have anything to hide in his phone.



3. He never takes you out in public places

His idea of a date is the ever so cliched ‘Netflix & Chill’. He never treats you to coffee dates and dinners cause duuuuuuh he doesn’t want to be seen with you hunnie. If you’re lucky to be taken anywhere outdoorsy, it will be somewhere far far away, a vacation out of town or country. Maybe as a treat for being a really understanding side-chic? Aw! How thoughtful!

Photo: ElitHeant

Photo: ElitHeant


4. There’s no PDA

Public Display of Affection…eh, you only see that in the movies. He never holds your hand or kisses you in public. A guy who really loves you will want to show you off to the whole world like a damn trophy. That whole vibe about being ‘shy’ in public is pure and utter bullshi*t.



5. You have never met any of his friends/family

You have been dating for over eight months and you have never met any of his friends or family? Well yeah, that’s because you’re a secret.




6. No photos please!

He avoids any opportunity to take pictures with you. If you happen to sneak in a selfie, he will probably ask you delete it. Now, don’t get me wrong, some men are naturally pretty private! But if he doesn’t have even a single photo of you on his phone, wake up and smell the coffee.

Chris brown karrueche selfie



7. He doesn’t add you on social media

The average human being on social media has friends, family and work mates following them on their different social media platforms and the last thing you want is ‘Natasha Barbie’ tagging you on a photo you did not want the world or your main girlfriend seeing. There have been cases where side chics upload a photo of their bae and the guy comments “delete this asap” lol…these things are serious. Please don’t embarrass yourself.

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8. Intimacy

A man that truly loves you will take his time to please you in bed…he will make sure to pleasure you fully, kiss you, feel your body and give you a mind blowing orgasm. If your man sort of just goes for the goal post, scores his goal and leaves, no kissing, no cuddling, cause apparently he has to rush somewhere, I think you know where you stand by now…




9. He never invites you to his house

And if he does invite you, you’re not allowed to spend the night, he comes up with excuses and he prefers to come to your house instead where he doesn’t spend the night either cause hey, he has another woman to attend to at his house.

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10. He makes last minute plans

Booty calls are his thing. You’ll be sat at your house minding your own business and suddenly get the “wanna come over?” text…chances are, his main girlfriend is out of town on a business trip or something and his other plans didn’t work out. You’re his last option…

Image: MovieFone

Image: MovieFone


11. There’s zero emotional connection

He has no idea what to tell you when you go crying on his shoulder. When you’re frustrated after getting a regret mail from that company you badly wanted to work for, the best he can come up with is “sorry”.




12. He bribes you with gifts

When you’re mad at him for something he did, he will spoil you with material stuff to blind you and you will relish in your new shoes and clothes and forgive his ass.




13. He’s never free on public holidays

The entire world is free on Christmas, Easter et al, but your bae has to be somewhere…yeah with his main girlfriend.



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