Basic Things Women Must Know About Men

Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus.

But we’re both stuck on earth. And we have to get along. Women often complain they don’t understand men. Yet understanding one another is the key to happy relationships.

Men are very simple creatures. Understanding them is very easy. You can’t apply astrophysics to plain maths. That’s overkill. Here are some basic things every woman must know about men:

1.  Simplicity

Men are simple creatures. If you’re angry, say so. If you’re happy, say so. Everyone is already facing stress at work and from life. Many men don’t have time to decipher your mood or your passive aggressive way of saying things. Please keep it simple, ladies.

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2.  Direct Talk

Men are the inventors of saying what they mean. And meaning what they say. I’m not saying they don’t lie. Try to be direct and straight with your man. Instead of saying something along the lines of:

I wish I could mop the floors but I’m so tired.

Just say: “(insert appropriate term of endearment here) could you please help with cleaning the floors? Men appreciate direct talk.

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3.  Personal Space

This is an important component of every successful relationship. Give your man some personal space. If he wants to watch football or invite his friends over to watch with him, that’s fine. Give them space. He will thank you.


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4.  Tone down the Gist

It’s not every time your man wants to hear what Ayo/Shade did today. Sometimes when he asks how your day went, just limit it to how your day actually went.

It went well. Fine, thanks.

Responses like the above can do wonders for your relationship. Leave the long talk. You’d thank me later.

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5.  Fixing is his Job

Men love to fix things. If you have a problem and you tell your man, he will look for solutions. You know those days you just need a listening ear, be sure to mention it first. So he doesn’t go into bob the fixer mode.


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6.  Appreciation

Show your man you appreciate him and all he does for you. A simple “thank you” or buying little gifts to show him how much you appreciate means a lot.

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Apply these things to understand your man better. You should check out the things every man should know about women in general.

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