8 Struggles Every Last-born Child Can Relate To

You may think being the last-born child is everything but it’s all for a while.

The real deal will hit you when you least expected it. Here are a few struggles that every last-born child can relate to:

1. When everybody actually expects you to be like your elder ones

Worse if they were all straight A students or very respectful.



2. When people call you “xxx’s kid brother or sister”

Don’t you know me blud?

Image: Twitter

Image: Twitter


3. When you’re about to tell a classic lie that would easily get you a pass, but your parents know that one

Your brothers have used that line so many times. 

small girl thinking meme african girl


4. Regular houseboy/housegirl

Come and wash my plates for me jor.

Image: MemeGenerator

Image: MemeGenerator


5. When they’re talking about early memories before you were born and you’re just there confused

When are you people finally going to get to me?


Image: MemesVault


6. When you think of how there’s no one after you to do what your elder ones did to you

Chai. Chai.


Image: MemesVault


7. When they tell your brothers not to throw away oversize clothes because you will wear them.

Your Christmas cloth is probably your brother’s.

Bruh Meme

Image: KnowYourMeme


8. When everybody has moved out of the house and it’s just you and your parents

All that time and energy man.



But you know this is you when you call your siblings for money and they ask you to send account




What other experiences did you have as a last-born child? You should also check out the struggles that firstborns go through. 

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