12 Little Things That Ruin Our Mood Every Damn Time

Gone are the days when we hardly bothered about a lot of things but these days, there are a lot of little things that ruin our moods from day to day and increases our stress levels.

You might not have noticed but these are the few trivial things that ruin our mood all the time, stressing us up.

1. Low Battery

Back in 90’s nobody bothered about their phone running low on battery but these days, when our cell phone batteries run low, we go berserk.




2. Power outage

Power outage has been with us for ages but back then, we didn’t need it for a lot of things but today, thanks to technological advancements and energy-eating gadgets, lights out hurts us more than anything.



3. Increase in fuel prices

Gone are the days when people bothered about hike in fuel prices but these days, the slightest hike in fuel prices make the whole nation go mad and this is because many have realized how hike in fuel prices affect almost everything.




4. The Dollar Rate

Just like the hike in fuel prices, the dollar rate these days make people go crazy with the slightest change. With a country like ours where almost everything is imported, the slightest change in exchange rate really gets to us.

Money Gif


5. Number Of Likes On Facebook

To think that people really go mad over not getting “Likes” on Facebook is abysmal but the fact is it’s really happening and you will be surprised to know the number of people who’s mood are ruined by this.




6. Being Stopped By The Police

You’re running late to work and all of a sudden the police stops you for no reason accusing you of things you don’t even know about, only to ruin your mood and your day.

Ghana Police


7. Misplacing Your Phone

Mobile phones have become a part of us and we’ve been so attached to it, not finding it for a hot minute can ruin one’s day. People will drop everything to search for it.

meme phone look


8. Getting a phone call from a wrong number

You’re expecting this important call and a call comes through, you rush to get it only to find out, it’s from a wrong number. That can piss the living hell out of you and can easily ruin your whole day.

flip phone


9. Long Queues

Nothing can ruin your day than a long queue especially when you are in a hurry to get things done. Especially when the line is not “moving”.

Image: Gif Finder

Image: Gif Finder


10. Slow Internet

This is one particular thing that ruins the day for most Africans especially when most of our work depends on the internet and the worse part is, it is not cheap either.

headache gif


11. Bad customer service

This is something we have to live by everyday especially from giant companies.

Black man saying no gif

Image: Now-Here-This.TimeOut


12. Out of order ATM’s

You walk miles to the nearest ATM only to find out it’s not working, even worst, your card get stuck in it.

image: giphy.com

Image: Giphy.com


Which other little things ruin your day? Let us know in the comment box below. You may want to see here things we all do that ruin our happiness.

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