Shaffie Weru Says He Would Never Date a Woman Who Wears Fake Hair

One of Kenya’s biggest radio hosts Shaffie Weru has come out to condemn weaves and the women who were them saying he would not touch a woman with said ‘horse hair’ 

Ouch Shaffie, considering a alot of women are moving on to the natural side, thousands of Kenyan women are still rocking kina Darling and Angel and what not.



The outspoken radio host hates fake hair so much that he wouldn’t date a woman wearing such hair.

I am literally scared of fake hair more than any other thing in the world.” Said Shaffie.“I would never ever date a woman who wears them.



Besides the hair being scary, Shaffie reckons they are unnecessary and unattractive.

To me they are simply unnatural, unnecessary and unattractive. Some women exaggerate and end up looking like walking mops.


Double Ouch Shaffie!! You may want to see here how Shaffie Weru would if he had dreadlocks.

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