Pastor Shows an Owl who Tried to Attack him on his Pulpit but Died

Pastor Shows an Owl who Tried to Attack him but Died

An owl is said to have fallen from the sky onto a pulpit and died during a crusade at a church in Nkwo Umuiyida Enugu-Ezike, Enugu State, Nigeria. According to the information gleaned from social media, the members of the Okunerere Adoration Ministry believed that it was an evil spirit that transformed into the owl in order to wreak havoc at the crusade.

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They said the bird was about to attack the pastor, Reverend Father Paul Martins Obayi, when “the power of God” struck it down.

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The church members, who were said to have been initially struck with fear, reportedly jubilated and praised God as soon as the owl fell dead.

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