My Mom Denied Me A Job Because I Lacked Experience – Keroche Breweries Heiress

So turns out moms are just moms everywhere, and Keroche Breweries CEO Tabitha Karanja, is no exception, especially when it comes to not giving your child special privileges but letting them earn out of merit. 

Her only daughter Ms. Anerlisa Muigai came out in a Facebook post to say that her mom once denied her a job in marketing saying that she lacked experience. But that did not stop her from working harder starting her own company then going back to apply for that very job.


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In the Facebook post, she said:


The rejection did not crush Ms Muigai’s dreams. It inspired her to start her own company: Nero Limited that produces the ‘Executive’ bottled still water.

And two years down the line, Ms Muigai says she reapplied for the same position at Keroche and was given a job in the marketing department, where she would be in charge of marketing the Summit brands – Summit Lager And Summit Malt – and vodkas.



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