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It was never easy being the “freshest” dude on campus. Growing up as an only child, I was used to having things done my way, I got whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted and however I wanted. I grew up with this “get it all attitude” and it got worse each passing day.

Once upon a time, a few mistakes ago, God in his amazing ways blessed me with a nice physique. I was 6ft 12inches tall, I had a caramel complexion, wide shoulders, a perfectly tight worked out butt and nice biceps. My facial features were indeed striking; I had high cheek bones, hazel eyes, full African lips, a cute nose to compliment my face and a thick and naturally well-shaped brows.

Francis Agyekum is the name. I earned the nickname “Brownson” because of how good a “player” I was when it came to relationships. I dated at least 5-6 girls at a go. I remember when I met Miranda Aku Shika, the SU president back at the university. She was the “hard to get” chic back then on campus but being the king of all players who always got what he wanted, I managed to get into the panties of Miranda in just a snap and the funny thing was, she wasn’t even a virgin… tweaaa!! Guys don’t be too proud of your women, because those same lips have been kissed dry, that body has been squeezed and smooched by some other men out there.

In my final year at the university, I was in on and off relationships with Trisha, Agyeiwaa, Anna, Frimpomaa, lady Talata all in the same hall on campus and they were too dumb to even find out. That’s how good of a player I was. My phone was always flooded with nudes from desperate ladies who wanted to have a feel of me. I even had to get 3 spare memory cards for my phone. I had to even pass on some of these ladies to my friends to also have their ways with them, because they were just too many for me.

There were times I really wanted to do away with this character but I guess players never retire, because the more ladies I saw, the more dirty thoughts run through my head. ‘Chale na I dey play too much ’.

After graduation, my parents made sure I did my service with one of the best financial institutions in the nation, ‘Spendiwise Group of Companies’.

Just two months into the service, I started having an affair with my General Manager and her daughter who happened to be the Human Resource Manager of the company. Man! Did I mess up…? I made a request to be reposted to another company because I couldn’t shuffle between times to satisfy both mother and daughter. Mrs. Koomson would need me to service her daily in her private washroom at lunch times whiles her daughter would have me after the close of day in the office canteen. These routine began to wear me out too much that I immediately had to quit that job and move elsewhere. Imagine the player almost being made to retire…kai! Never!

My next place of work was good, shine bright monetary institution; the ladies couldn’t get enough of my good looks. Eva, one of the ladies I was sleeping with at my work place, approached me one day and asked if I’ll choose her when it was time to settle down? I was like, what? Lol… I wasn’t planning on becoming that type of man till another 5 years, I answered. As far as I was concerned, there were lots of fishes in the sea and I had to devour my fair share of them.

After a dirty, naughty and successful year of service, I met Beatrice Dwamena, an ordinary looking girl with no special features. She had long skinny legs, nothing wiggling from behind, tiny boobs; in fact she was just too ordinary for my liking. She was a newbie in the neighborhood who worked with ‘Peasah and Associates’, a reputable law firm in the capital. She happened to be in the same hall as I was back at the university. She was the caricature of our time, the odd one out of the lot.

Beatrice and I got closer and closer each passing day, I told her about my adventures and sex escapades. I even brought some of the ladies to her home sometimes when I had others at my end to save me from being caught. We would laugh at my deeds together, started going out to see a few movies together; she would cook for me on the weekends and flood me with visits from her regular looking self.

I grew fond of Beatrice and after 4 years of being friends I realized that I did feel something for this weird looking chic from my school. I mean Brownson paaa, how? She was not my type at all. I started dating Beatrice without even knowing. Crazy right? It’s like she cast a strange spell on me. I would call her countless times a day to check on her, send her romantic messages and surprisingly, I never dared to touch her.

After a year of dating, I, Francis ‘Brownson’ Agyekum the king of players, tied the knot with Beatrice. That day, I did well to hire a very tight security because I knew how crazy my side chics were and I didn’t want to be embarrassed before my family and my weird looking bride. I still can’t believe it till date.

We have 3 kids who took after me with their looks. It’s been 8 years into this marriage and I am still cheating on my wife. Not with one but four other girls.

My wife is aware of my player attitude but barely complains.

If this ‘Mr. get it all player’ attitude didn’t die after marriage, then why did I even get married?

Even my side chics were prettier than my wife but why did I go above them to give Beatrice the ring?

Why did I get attracted to her when I was still seeing other sweeter ladies before marriage?

If I knew my wife wouldn’t be enough for me, then why did I give her the ring?

This idea of marriage now beats my mind, why give her the ring when you knew your randy manhood won’t be satisfied with her?

I am still a player and I’m loving it so why then did I give Beatrice the ring?

Should I leave this marriage and have enough freedom to continue with my cheating acts?

Do you also think my wife casted a spell on me?

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