Here’s Why This Samburu Lady Is On Huge Banners In New York Times Square

Isn’t it just amazing when Kenyans beat the odds to become world heroes in whatever field they are in?

Whether it is sports, education, acting or social work is inspiring to see our good name out there thanks to a few.

Dr. Josephine Kulea is one of those heroes and you will quickly see why the world is in awe of her and her work. Her attempt to change a culture with centuries of both amazing and horrifying traditions has been a long and trying one but she came out triumphant and is still fighting the cause.




Josephine decided that she could not sit on the sidelines while young girls were being raped, abused, mutilated and if they got pregnant, forced to kill their own children.

So she opened up her home to rescue girls from this horrifying act. Soon, her home was filled with over 20 young children and received daily calls from others wanting to seek rescue.


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Realizing she needed more help, she reached out to her friends, church, and other community members that would be willing to be the face of change.

Now, she has started the Samburu Girls foundation. Through it, she has rescued and cares for over 80 children, has a team of volunteers, no paid employees, and gets funds from other villagers willing to silently support her mission.

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US President Barack Obama during his recent visit to Kenya recognised Kulea’s dedication to save the girl child from FGM and child marriages. 

She has also received several other national and international recognitions including by the United Nations. Well in Dr. Josephine Kulea!




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