Akothee Collapses In Switzerland While Condition Of Her Unborn Babies Unstable

Just barely two weeks after Akothee announced her relocation to Switzerland to give birth to her babies and rest, health troubles have found her and we could not be more sympathetic with the charismatic star. 

It is reported that Esther Akoth better known as Akothee collapsed in Geneva, Switzerland. The singer who is pregnant with twins is said to have collapsed at a train station in Geneva where she has been staying for the past few weeks.

image: Akothee/Facebook

Image: Akothee/Facebook


The self-declared ‘Kenya’s richest musician’ took to her Instagram to share with fans a photo of her lying in a hospital bed with the caption ‘May your will be done’. Her team later posted on her Instagram page quoting.

“The condition as per now is not good she was expecting twins but the doctor can’t feel the second heartbeat. We are crossing fingers as the lives of both are in danger.

image: Akothee/Facebook

Image: Akothee/Facebook


Akothee was heading to Basel for an antenatal visit before the unfortunate incident.

“Goodmorning family,this is to let you know that Akothee is currently in theater fighting for life please put her in your prayers,” said Nelson.

The singer who recently celebrated her 31st birthday left Kenya for Switzerland, where her fiance lives in August. The mother of five was gifted a Ksh 30 million Ferrari after her pregnancy news by her Swiss boyfriend.

We wish Akothee a speedy recovery for both her and her babies. 

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