5 Places Mark Zuckerberg Should Have His First Jollof Rice Meal

And we are totally happy about it. Such amazing time for the Nigerian tech industry.

But see, this Twitter user just asked the most serious question about his visit to Lagos

And we may know the correct answers or something like that.

I mean he’s in Yaba which is like the Nigerian tech industry space (since they hate the Yabacon valley tag) and what better place to get Mark to try Jollof than White House?

Olaiya was there for me when I worked in Surulere and I would totally recommend it to Mark. It’s almost like it’s on another level to be very honest.

Photo Credit: Tourapex.com

Photo Credit: Tourapex.com

Don’t be confused Mark, we’re actually giving you Nigerian jollof please. Go to Ghana High in Marina and have yourself some good jollof. Tell them we sent you!

A trial will convince you, Mark, honestly! Just go to Yellow Chilli today.

We don’t know your itinerary Mark but if you intend to stay until Saturday, just have whatever you want and gatecrash one Yoruba wedding on Saturday and eat that good good jollof rice.

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