13 WTF Moments Every Party Animal Has Experienced

Let’s talk about partying, shall we?

It’s good to go out partying at least once in a while. You can’t live all your life reading books and making recipes come to life. You gotta go out there, dance till the sun comes out, make friends and live life like a rocker…

Here relatable moments every party animal has experienced:

1. Suffering a memory loss

image: giphy.com

image: giphy.com


2. So you call your friend…

“Please tell me I didn’t vomit, fight or make out with anyone?”

Hiding GIF


3. Hearing about the things you did…

and wanting to pack your bags and disappear to Antarctica for 6 months.

sigh gif best


4. Waking up and seeing your phone and wallet intact & celebrating

laughing gif jordan

5. But let’s not celebrate too fast…

“Is this my bed or I have to do a bloody walk of shame?”

image: giphy.com

image: giphy.com


6. You have walked out of the club, heels on your hands and crying…

yet you have no idea why you’re crying

Photo: Benjamin Rusnak

Photo: Benjamin Rusnak


7. You have woken up to calls or texts from people you don’t remember exchanging numbers with…

“Nigga who are you? Which club did you say we met?”
meme beyonce


8. You have ever vomited in the club’s bathroom or parking lot…buckle up, it gets worse…


9. You have ever made a complete fool of yourself…

be it causing a fight, peeing on yourself, falling or blacking out.

cant handle meme


10. You have made out with someone who looked like Trey Songs

only to see his Whatsapp photo the next day and he suddenly looks like Trey Songs made in China version…




11. You have been a total whore-bag, a few shots and jagger bombs and boom…

you acquire a stripper’s skills at the club and start grinding on every di*k available, how magical alcohol can be ay?
image: giphy.com


12. You have promised yourself to never ever drink again in the name of Mother Teresa!

image: giphy.com

image: giphy.com


13. But we all know that Saturday is coming and it’s finna be lit!

image: giphy.com

image: giphy.com


In your defense, no great story ever started with “That one time I drank milk…” live your life to the fullest!

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