The 5 Times We Caught Ghanaians Lying On Social Media

Don’t you just love technology?

It makes things so simple at the same time, it’s easy to tell when someone is lying. Whilst doing our snooping around, we caught these Ghanaians lying on social media.

1. The Canadian borgas

These guys who wanted us to believe they were in Canada but unfortunately a Ghanaian taxi driver gave them away.


2. We bet you didn’t know that Cristiano Ronaldo schooled in Ghana

This gentleman who forced Christiano Ronaldo to school in Ghana.


3. Talking about Cristiano Ronaldo …

… this was his best friend when he schooled in Ghana.


4. The Kuwaiti borga

This lady who claimed she was balling it out in Kuwait but was actually standing by a car with a Ghanaian license plate. How she got it there, only God knows.



5. The “GIJ” Nurse

And this lady who set a record by being the only person in Ghana who actually studied Nursing at the Ghana Institute Of Journalism, GIJ.



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