Meet the First Black Woman to Fly an Airplane in South Africa

Meet the First Black Woman to Drive an Airplane in South Africa

Meet Asnath Mahapa. She has become the first black woman to fly an airplane in South Africa. It’s a real victory for gender and race equality for this country. However, the path there was not easy for Asnath.

In the childhood, she used to stare at the sky and see those huge planes crossing it. One day she realized a small person could drive a giant aircraft. Why could not that be her? She became very determined to become a pilot, but fulfilling the dream was almost impossible in the country being a black woman.

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Against the will of her father Asnath left her school and entered the flight courses. She was the only woman in the class. She had to work the hardest among the new pilots to finish it. Many times she felt extremely sick in the air.

But she did not give up and in 1998 she became the first black female pilot in South Africa. She was only 22 back then. 14 years later she has opened a flight college for women. She had enough experience to make the path a lot easier for her sisters, the girls with the dream of the sky. Here is what she says:

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“The boys must accept that the girls can become anything they want, and girls must believe in themselves that they can become anything they want.”

“Gender equality” are not just words for her. She worked hard to make a dream come true and inspires others to do so, too.

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