18 Things You Can Relate To If You’ve Ever Been To An NYSC Orientation Camp

The NYSC orientation camp is a bitter-sweet experience.

Image: InformationNG

Image: InformationNG


If you ever went to an NYSC orientation camp and stayed for the duration of your program, whether two weeks or three weeks, you can most definitely relate to a lot of these:

1. You, on the first day of camp struggling with registration queues

Image: Gif Finder

Image: Gif Finder


2. And when you’re finally done and they tell you to come outside and march

Image: MemeGenerator

Image: MemeGenerator


3. And when some people wake up by 2 and keep making noise in the name of preparing for morning assembly

Sleep gif


4. And you when you realise you slept for just less than five hours

hoakim noah


5. And you get to parade ground and see those that did rub and shine

Judging You Gif


6. You when they start to select people for platoon march past

Running Chicken Meme


7. You when those Man O’War guys come and sing “jim jim the body”

What is this one saying meme

Image: NairaLand


8. And then when they call you “otondo” or “government fowl” or some funny name



9. You when you run to the kitchen with your plate only for them to be serving watery egusi


Image: MemesVault


10. And then on the day you don’t go early, that’s when they’re giving chicken

small girl thinking meme african girl


11. You at every SAED lecture

Image: NYSC Funny Pics/Instagram

Image: NYSC Funny Pics/Instagram


12. You when it’s time for socials



13. You and your squad after the first week of camp and getting to know each other

Squad Goals GIF


14. When you enter maami market and everybody is calling you left and right

Everybody Calm down meme

Image: MemeGenerator


15. You when you try to slim fit your khaki for parade and they say it’s 1500

Girl Bye Gif


16. And when you have to do shot put because you can’t use the toilet

Hiding GIF


17. You when one motivational speaker comes to address corpers



18. And when it’s just a few days to the end of camp

Really Happy


What other camp memories do you have? Share in the comment section! You should also check out these items everyone took/has to take to the orientation camp.

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