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Movies of Monday, 29 August 2016

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U To2Elikem Kumordzi and Alphonse Menyo with a fan

27th of August was no doubt a day history was made in Accra as Utopia movie premiere was unveiled amid fun fare and celebration of another milestone in Ghana movie industry.

The premiere which took place at the Silverbird Cinema, Accra Mall and West Hills Mall witnessed dozens of fans: young and old, lovers of impactful movies and passionate art lovers.

The red carpet begun before 5pm, and the red carpet laid at Accra Mall was filled with fans of Elikem Kumordzi and Alphonse Menyo thronging the two and other casts for picture opportunity.

By 6:30pm, the Cinema hall was filled to the brim and everyone was ready to be airlifted into the realm of Utopia.

Utopia is centered on the fast decaying family values in our society, poor education system, poverty ravaging the youth and the failure of political leaders to provide policies and infrastructure to protect the future of the helpless children.

Utopia started on the chapter of a poor, uneducated couple struggling to raise two children between the ages of 7-10 years old.

The two boys as a result of poor upbringing performed woefully in school, and became nuisance to the community. The father thought if he could separate them, they might change and become responsible.

The first born, Elikem who acted as Kpakpo was sent to a rich family member in the city (Accra), while Alphonse Menyo who acted as Ataaskolo remained in the village.

Ataaskolo finally dropped out of school and took to his father’s fishing job.

He later relocated to Accra with the hope that his elder brother who had been in the city for more than a decade must have become rich.

Lo and behold, his brother was worse than he expected.

Kpakpo had run out of his uncle’s house as a result of his wife harsh treatment, quit school and turned to a laborer in the market.

Ataaskolo later joined his brother in the street hustling; from street hustling to desire for money and change from street life. This prompted the plan to start a two gang robbery syndicate terrorizing the peace of the city.

Find out the rest on your own.

Utopia depicts various cultural values. The language used was a combination of Ga and English; this depicts the beauty of Ga language which was fluently spoken by Irene Opare who acted as Oduwa and the veteran actor, Psalm Adjeteyfio as Mr. Obinpeh; the parents of the two lead role actors.

The village scenes were shot with drone which gives viewers a beautiful perspective of Ghana water body and abundant nature it embodies.

The cinematography is of high definition, while the scenes are professionally directed and edited that makes viewers not to have a dull moment of humor and lessons, as well as a bit of nature and in totality; a reflection of what our society has become.

The film is directed by Kobi Rana

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