Nairobians, This Is Why You Should Stop Ordering For Salad In Restaurants

If you’re a salad lover, this will gross you out … seriously!

A certain customer went to one of the many Java chains in Nairobi over the weekend and was shocked to find a snail in his salad.

And…it’s not one of those tiny snails but a massive one…well sort of! YIKES!

If this was France, that would have probably been a delicacy!

It’s pretty gross to find a snail on your salad plate which by the way doesn’t come cheap! God knows I’d leave that restaurant with an apology, a refund, and a standing ovation, had it happened to me. But…before we quickly judge Java, any foodie or salad junkie knows that many restaurants do not wash their lettuce! Sorry to burst your bubble…

Why do you think the lettuce is your home-made salad is so soggy, soft and just doesn’t have that oomph?! Because you washed it!

Many restaurants skip on washing the lettuce leaves so that they remain fresh and crunchy. In other words, for your enjoyment, dear foodie! It is what it is…

Dear Kenyan restaurants, please invest in a salad spinner which is effective at cleaning salad leaves and removing excess water and then dry the salad leaves with a clean towel before refrigerating it in air-locked bags. Is that too much to ask?!

1. Salad Spinner

salad spinner



2. Then dry the lettuce

storing salad



3. And store it properly…

string Salad



You can imagine all the pesticide, animal poop and all other germs that could be on the salad leaves.

headache gif


You might wanna skip on salad at a restaurant all the same, grab some lettuce at the nearest Nakumatt, wash them leaves at home and enjoy a clean not-so-crunchy-but-still-good-enough salad.


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